Worldwide Shabbos Project

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For the third year Yad Yisroel in Belarus participated in the International Shabbos Project. Many Yidden in cities around the country were inspired. Pinsk had a major Shabbaton with over 300 people taking part in various programs and lectures from Friday thru Sunday.

Within 24 hours of announcing the Shabbaton, all places were booked, and the logistical preparations began. People travelled from near and far, with some even travelling from remote cities 16 hours by train in each direction to be in Pinsk for the Shabbos.

The program began with women of all ages, including the girls from our school, partaking in a Challah baking.

Due to years of communism tearing away generations from anything even slightly connected to Yiddishkiet, here we saw girls that have recently received Jewish education were teaching their mothers. To see so many holocaust survivors preparing Challos for the very first time after all their years of suffering was a truly emotional sight.

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