The Shabbat Project

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The Shabbat Project. Yad Yisroel is among the many privileged communities who take part in the annual “Shabbos Project”.
The program allows us to reach out to all those who don’t know what Shabbos is and gives them a chance to experience it in the finest way possible, to bring them back to their shining heritage! Over three hundred people joined us for Shabbos.
Joining us for shabbos was a very respectable Russian-Isreali couple who are well known lecturers, Rabbi Chanoch and Rebbitzen Chana Lerner. The program started off with the grand challah baking for the women, followed by words of inspiration.
The Shabbos Project was a full 48 hours where people spent learning about their roots and Judaism. Through the special programs and lectures, delicious and uplifting meals and the majestic sound of shabbos z’miros.
It is brought down, that all it takes for moshiach to finally come, is that every last jew should keep one shabbos! May we merit to be redeemed very soon IY”H!

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