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Here at Yad Yisroel we got to experience a genuine feel of Z’man Simchaseinu during the sukkas of 2017. The students put in a great effort preparing for Yom Tov by learning about it and building the sukkah etc. The children smiled their way through the holidays, thanks to the well planned programs and special guests that joined us both from America and Israel.
After three days so full of uplifting moments and delicious meals it was time for our talmidim to get the most out of it! Throughout Chol Hamoed they went to various attractions including Paintball shooting, ice skating and bowling, which they very much enjoyed B”H! During Chol Hamoed we also celebrated a full on ‘Simchas Beis Hashoeiva’, which was played by an expert keyboardist who specially flew in from Isreal!
The children sang and danced all through the night! The second days passed with great success as well B”H, especially Simchos Torah. Through the showers of candy was a great mix of emotions. There was pure happiness when watching the children so sweetly dancing with the Torah held tightly to their hearts and it was emotional to hear them loudly make the brochos under the gigantic tallis by ‘Kol Hanearim’.
We are thankful for the 8 days of pure joy that we had and we long forward to many more yamim tovim and Simchos among all of us!

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