Remembering the Kedoishim.

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If we would only close our eyes for a minute and imagine:- a hustling and busy city with a population of close to 50,000 Jews, taking a walk Shabbos afternoon in the streets of Pinsk in the year 1935. the town’s Shul on Yom Kippur by Ne’ilah, seeing the menorahs through the windows, sukkah’s flooding the streets of this town, and now… You could hardly know who is a Jew! For this reason Yad Yisroel was founded. We’re not going to let our youngsters forget their rich past and fall prey to the other 98% of Jews who have assimilated!! We’re not going to let neither the Nazis nor the communists win. Pinsk alone has 4 mass graves from WW2, where we took the students and the whole community to light candles, say Tehillim and recite Kaddish for those who do not have who could recite for them.

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