Yad Yisroel – In Support of Jewish Weddings

In a Jewish community facing assimilation, Yad Yisroel brings Jewish couples together

 As part of its comprehensive effort to revive Jewish life in Belarus, Yad Yisroel assists in the financing of Jewish weddings for graduates of its educational programs both locally and worldwide, in addition to the couples of all ages from the Mishapacha Kehalacha Program.

To date, Yad Yisroel has married over 100 Jewish couples ( 30 couples live in Israel ) with the aim to stem the tide of assimilation, preserve the Jewish community and bring more Jewish families into the world.

Many of the young men and women who benefit from this undertaking are graduates of Yad Yisroel and various other Yad Yisroel programs that stress the importance of Jewish education. In truth, some of the young Jewish brides and bridegrooms were well on the road to assimilationbefore they were brought back into the fold, with help from Yad Yisroel.

The undertaking involves more than funding the traditional chuppah ceremony. Indeed, the business of saving Jewish souls and building Jewish homes entails all-inclusive efforts to spread Jewish values among youth, introduce them to the basic values of the Jewish family and find suitable matches for marriage candidates among a pool of eligible young men and women.

Like marriage itself, Yad Yisroel’s mission does not end at the chuppah. The organization continues to provide the newlywed couples with financial assistance during the first few years of their marriage, and also imparts to them, through various lectures and workshops, further knowledge on Jewish homebuilding and child rearing.


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Yad Yisroel – In Support of Jewish Weddings
Inspiring Jewish life in the Former Soviet Union
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