Yad Yisroel – Providing for Holocaust Survivors and the Elderly in Belarus

Yad Yisroel Doesn’t Forget Its Holocaust Survivors

There are over 30 Holocaust survivors in Pinsk, Belarus that benefit from our “Meals on Wheels” Program that enables them to receive a hot meal, six days a week.
Students from Yad Yisroel’s Beis Aharon Bielski Orphanage and School visit the Holocaust survivors and together with volunteers, bring them their daily, hot meal.

Needless to say, what joy and happiness this brings to Pink’s Holocaust survivors.
Besides being a life-saving project, it shows them that they are not forgotten.

In addition, once a week Yad Yisroel provides Pink’s Holocaust survivors with social activities in the Yad Yisroel’s Beis Aharon Orphanage School.

Bringing the elderly back into the Jewish community

  Many aging Jews in Belarus today have lived most of their lives barely in touch with the Jewish community or aware of their Jewish identity. With its determination to revive Belarusian Jewry, Yad Yisroel recognizes the importance of attending to the spiritual and physical needs of all age groups, the young as well as the old.

In the physical realm, Yad Yisroel focuses on bringing basic supplies to the elderly, especially those in need. The organization dispatches its volunteer force to deliver food packages, clothing, bedding, electric heaters and even used furniture to the needy. In many cases, this work has been carried out in bad weather conditions, sometimes in the dead of winter, to recipients who live in remote areas.

Moreover, Yad Yisroel has a special fund to assist older men and women who are in dire need of medication and/or medical attention. Oftentimes, the organization has responded to emergency situations and saved lives by purchasing and delivering drugs or providing transportation to the nearest health facility.

In the spiritual realm, Yad Yisroel rises to the task of stimulating the latent religious awareness of elderly Belarusian Jews. This is accomplished through diverse lectures and enrichment classes on Jewish heritage and customs.  The elderly are encouraged to attend educational sessions in social clubs and community centers where they are served good Kosher food and also nourishedwith a healthy dose of yiddishkeitthrough various recreational activities.


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Yad Yisroel – Providing for the Elderly in Belarus
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