Yad Yisroel – A Gateway to Tourism in Belarus

As the leading Jewish organization in Berlarus, Yad Yisroel seeks to attract Jewish visitors to a country rich with Jewish history and to expand their horizons.

Points of Jewish interest in Belarus abound, including: The Great Synagogue of Hrodna, a 2007 candidate UNESCO World Heritage Site; Holocaust memorials at the sites of mass graves in Minsk, Novogrudok, Volozhin, Radun, Braslav, and Dolginovo; a well preserved Jewish cemetery in the village of Lenin dating back to the Sixteenth Century, characterized by its wooden tombstones; the burial place of the venerated Rabbi Chafetz Chaim in Radin, where he lived and ran his flourishing yeshiva; and other grave sites of esteemed rabbis throughout Belarus.

Moreover, visitors can trace the family trees and roots of their ancestors in the many Jewish shtetls that once distinguished Pinsk, Polotsk, Antopol, Borisov, Grodno and other centers of Jewish life scattered across the Belarusian countryside.

Yad Yisroel will help you plan your Jewish Heritage Tour to Eastern Europe-Belarus, Poland, Ukraine and Lithuania and organize family or group tours to its various yeshivas, Holocaust memorials and historic sites.

In addition, Yad Yisroel will arrange accommodations for families and groups, provide meals on any level of kashrut, direct visitors to Jewish community centers and synagogues on holidays and Shabatot and serve as a tourist information center.

Please contact us for more information: tourism@yadyisroel.com

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Yad Yisroel – A Gateway to Tourism in Belarus
Inspiring Jewish life in the Former Soviet Union
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