Torah Online

Bringing Our Jewish Heritage to Jews in the Former Soviet Union

Yad Yisroel makes good use of modern technology through its Torah Online program.

This innovative approach to propagating the message of Avraham Avinu, Moshe Rabeinu, the Prophets and the great rabbinical scholars through the ages is intended to reach a mass Jewish audience in Belarus and all over the former Soviet Union. Many among the target audience are assimilated Jews with little or no knowledge of Judaism; others are students at beginner and intermediate levels; others still are scholars with an insatiable thirst to learn, expand their horizons and achieve greater heights. Reaching as many Jews as possible at all levels requires steady instruction of diverse subject matter, and Yad Yisroel delivers it with fervor through Torah Online.

The program is operational thanks to the dedication of Rabbi Moshe Fhima who provides online teaching on Facebook and via Skype. Study subjects include: historic tutorials on the Tanach and Nevi’im, lessons on the Mishna, Gemora, Pirkei Avot and Shulchan Aruch; discussions on the Rambam and Jewish philosophy; discourses on Jewish mysticism, the Zohar and Kaballah; advanced lessons with commentary from Rashi, Tosfot and the teachings of latter day rabbinical scholars; a review of Hassidism and the insights of its founder, the Baal Shem Tov; general discussions on yiddishkeit, Halacha, prayer, Jewish tradition and Jewish ethics. The program is interactive and encourages input from inquisitive users (students and just curious participants) in individual Q & A sessions and open forums.

Torah Online also benefits from a technical support crew that handles the sound transmission of textual, audio, video and graphical content to its end users in widespread Jewish communities. Using this ultra-modern approach, the message of Torah Judaism is made accessible to a vast Jewish audience.

The Torah Online program is operational thanks to the dedication of Reb Boruch Shofnos and a former student, Ilya Mogolnitzky who are constantly organizing and following up the online teaching on Facebook and via Skype.

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Torah Online
Inspiring Jewish life in the Former Soviet Union
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