The only Jewish Schools and Orphanages in Belarus

Many Jewish children growing up in Belarus and other locales in the former Soviet Union are scarcely aware of their Jewish identity. Their families are assimilated and all but estranged from the Jewish community and their landscape is devoid of any semblance of Jewishness.

In addition, most of these children live in harsh poverty and suffer from malnutrition, poor health conditions and lack of education.

New Beis Aharon School and Orphanage

New Beis Aharon School and Orphanage

Yad Yisroel established the Beis Aharon Schools ( for boys and girls ) and the only Jewish state orphanages in the region in response to the need of a professional framework that would instill in these children the awareness and love of their Jewish heritage while improving their socio-economic condition in a warm, caring environment.
The children in Yad Yisroel’s schools and orphanages are surrounded by love and are personally accompanied by Yad Yisroel throughout the major crossroads of their lives, especially when they stand under the Chupah and start a family.

Yad Yisroel looks after the many graduates of its Beis Aharon school program, sending hundreds of its alumni abroad to attend Yeshivos, Seminaries, and institutes of higher education in Israel, Europe and North America.
Our graduates are our biggest source of pride as they acquire knowledge, enter their chosen professions, become productive members of their host Jewish communities and start their own Jewish families

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Beis Aharon Schools and Orphanage
Inspiring Jewish life in the Former Soviet Union
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