Holocaust Education – Lo Tishkach

Thanks to the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, Yad Yisroel has taken over 200 students to visit Holocaust memorial sites in Eastern Europe.

Claims Conference

One of the main goals of these trips is to educate Jewish students from Belarus about the history of the Holocaust, and to actually visit memorial sites which commemorate victims of the Holocaust.

This unifies and strengthens the Jewish identity of Yad Yisroel’s Jewish students and reinforces the significance of their Jewish heritage.

In March 2014, 35 boys, ages 12-17 years old, participated in the “Lo Tishkach” (We Must Never Forget) trip. The boys study at Yad Yisroel and come from all over Belarus.

In preparation for the trip, lectures were given to the students about the history of the Jews in Poland and Belarus before and during the Holocaust. They were inspired about the importance of the continuity of the Jewish people, and never to forget what happened during the Holocaust.

When we were in theMajdanek concentration camp, one our students, who recently celebrated his Bar Mitzvah, put on his tefilin as a sign of revenge. His younger brother of 10 years old was also with us. He and his brother do not have a father and come from a very dysfunctional home. Our students were very emotional and we saw that he related very personally to the stories of the Holocaust, especially about the children who were separated from their parents.

All the children promised to revenge the Nazis and to continue to be proud of their Jewish heritage and never to forget what happened during the Holocaust.

Details of the Trip

The trip was for five days and began in Pinsk, Belarus.

The itinerary from the trip was as follows:

Pinsk ––Majdanek – Przemysl–Lezajsk- -Krakow-Pinsk

Day 1-Thursday, 20th March 2014

The group of thirty-five boys together with 4 teachers, left Pinsk at 1am Thursday morning and traveled 12 hours directly to the Majdanek concentration camp.

On Thursday we visited the Jewish sites in Lublin and the Majdanek concentration camp.

We slept overnight in a hotel in Prezemysl

Day 2-Friday, 21st  March, 2014

On Friday we visited the Jewish historical sites in Prezemysl.

Day 3-Shabbat, 22nd  March, 2014

We spent Shabbat in Prezemysl and on Motzei Shabbat we left towards Lezajsk and Krakow.

Day 4- Sunday, 23rd  March, 2014

We arrived in Krakow and visited the Jewish historical sites and then we spent the night in Krakow.

Day 5-Monday, 24th  March 2014

We left Krakow and returned to Pinsk.

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Holocaust Education - Lo Tishkach
Inspiring Jewish life in the Former Soviet Union
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