Yad Yisroel – Ahavat Olam Graduate Program

Giving our graduates a better chance to succeed

Yad Yisroel looks after the many graduates of its Beis Aharon school program, sending hundreds of its alumni abroad to attend reputed yeshivot and institutes of higher education in Israel, Europe and North America.

Around half of our Beis Aharon graduates go to Israel, where they have joined a number of programs and institutes including Beit Ulpana, Bat Zion, Toldot Yeshurun, Machon Chayil and Mechon Meir.

Under a cooperation program with Touro College in Flatbush, New York, girls who have graduated the Beis Aharon program register in the Lander College of Arts and Sciences in Flatbush, New York while attending local seminaries such as the Machon Beis Yaacov, Ohr Naava and Machon Basya Rochel. Boys who have graduated Beis Aharon join the Tal Torah program in Lakewood, New Jersey to pursue a BA in Talmudical Studies, and in parallel attend the Lander College in Queens, New York where they can pursue bachelor degrees in numerous secular subjects. The Beis Aharon graduates are well received by the respective Jewish communities.

Exceptional students leave Beis Aharon on completion of the ninth grade to finish high school in US and Canadian institutes. Girls attend Beis Yaacov of Denver and Beis Yaacov of Montreal while the boys complete high school at the Hebrew Academy of Cleveland.

Many of our girls have attended Stern College in New York and many of our boys have been studied at Yeshiva University in New York.

Some of our graduates have already found employment with the professional services firms Deloiteand Ernst & Young as well as Teva and IDF Keva (regular Army).

Our graduates are our biggest source of pride as they acquire knowledge, enter their chosen professions, become productive members of their host Jewish communities and start their own Jewish families.

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Yad Yisroel – Ahavat Olam Graduate Program
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