Pinsk Kolel

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In order to encourage a situation of Torah learning, here in pinsk, we have local Kollel of respectable Avreichim who spend their days learning Hilchos Shabbos. After immersing deeply into the topic of Amira L’akum they came up with many questions – and more importantly, answers. Due to the great demand they decided to work on a ‘Sefer Shalos U’ tshuvos on the topic of Amirah L’akum, lead by the esteemed Rosh Hakollel, R’ Avraham Gevirtzman.
After a full year of hard work and many hours of thoroughly studying, the sefer ‘Hashiveini Davar’ was ready in all its glory. With haskomos from many gedolim including, The Stolin Rebbe, R’ Menachem Mendel Fuchs, R’ Asher Weiss, R’ Meir Sirota and R’ Yehoshua Brizel. With our upmost respect we bless all those who helped to make it happen, health, wealth and hatzlacha in all their future endeavors!

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