European Siyum Mishnayos.

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After much toil and effort on the part of our students, they travelled to the European Siyum Hamishnayos which was held in Zurich, Switzerland—where they were tested on the entire Maseches Sukah by heart. 

During this event, our students inspired the Rabbanim and attendees with a stirring rendition of the song “tefillah l’ani ki yatof” in Hebrew and in Russian. 
Rabbi Boruch Shofnos highlighted the amazing journey of our students, as he related: “Two years ago we came here for the first time, just to show the children that the concept of memorizing Mishnayos by heart exists. Last year we came with the students knowing 23 Mishnayos by heart—and we though that this will be the maximum. This year the children were tested on the whole Maseches Sukah inside and by heart. After generations of spiritual darkness – Judaism is growing and expanding in the Former Soviet Union once again!”

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