• Yad-Isroel-Helping-the-Elderly
    Yad Yisroel – Providing for Holocaust Survivors and the Elderly in Belarus
  • Yad-Yisroel-Sponsor-a-Child
    Yad Yisroel – Sponsor a Child
  • summer-camp-yad-yisroel
    Yad Yisroel – Summer & Winter Camps
  • Yad-Yisroel-Torah-Online
    Torah Online
  • yad yisroel-New-Building
    New Beis Aharon Campus for Boys
  • Yad-Yisroel-A-Gateway-to-Tourism-in-Belarus
    Yad Yisroel – A Gateway to Tourism in Belarus
  • yad yisroel-Key-to-Opportunity
    Key to Opportunity Program
  • Yad-Yisroel-Weddings
    Yad Yisroel – In Support of Jewish Weddings
  • yad yisroel-Ahavat-Olam-Graduate-Program
    Yad Yisroel – Ahavat Olam Graduate Program
  • Yad-Yisroel-Chesed-Emergency-Program
    Yad Yisroel – Chesed Emergency Program
  • yad yisroel-Kolel
    Kollel A Thriving Center of Talmudic Study in Pinsk
  • Yad-Yisroel-Shabbatonim
  • yad yisroel-Kashrut-Bel
    Kashrut Bel
  • yad yisroel-community-outreach-yy
    Community Outreach
  • yad yisroel-Holocaust-Education-Lo-Tishkach
    Holocaust Education – Lo Tishkach
  • yad yisroel-sponsor-a-meal-foundation-yy
    Sponsor a Meal
  • yad yisroel-Mishpacha-Kehalacha
    Yad Yisroel – Mishpacha Kihalacha
  • yad yisroel-Lech-Lecha
    Lech Lecha
  • yad yisroel-Matanel-Kindergarten
    Yad Yisroel – Matanel Kindergarten(Gan)
  • yad yisroel-New-Building
    The only Jewish Schools and Orphanages in Belarus
  • yad yisroel-Kalinkovichi
    Yad Yisroel – Kalinkovichi Sunday Cheder Program

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